The Silent Conductors | Short Film

Tom McCarten

From the creator:

Design/Direction: Tom McCarten (
Sculptures: Tom McCarten & Emma-Rose Dade (
Character Animation: Harry Slinger Thompson ( & Dipankar Sengupta (
D.O.P: David Hayes (
Music: ADANOWSKY - You are the one (feat. Devendra Banhart)
Additional thanks: Contra Agency, Ameera Mian, James Turzynski, Brittany Easson, Geraldine Burnett


I wonder if buildings can feel.
And would different buildings feel differently? Surely they would be influenced by what occurs within their burdened, convoluted ribcages.
Perhaps they communicate to one another. Coming to understandings, having disputes about minor inconveniences that only these silent giants could comprehend.
While their tiny occupants go about their daily routines, unknowingly conducted by the walls that surround them. As they sit on their haunches, laughing, at just how little we are, and how little we know.

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