The Tenacious D Coloring Book AirKage Spot | Fantoons Animation Studios

The fact that we were able to do a book with Tenacious D was awesome in its own right. But, we also have to market it with class and humor.

Even after having dozens of jokes approved when I was writing the book with them, it is still stressful to deal with giants like Jack Black and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D).

They pretty much either redefined a genre or created a new one depending on who you ask. Their first album is still one of my all-time favorite albums, not just comedy, but overall!

Just like the pages of the book we did together, I had to come up with something worthy of these incredible artists. Animating one of the pages seemed like a good starting point since they already liked the joke “on the page.”

I came up with a parody for the AIR JORDAN’s commercials and we called it AIR KAGE. If you don’t know Kyle Gass classic flip-flops just google them.

We put together an animatic to send to them rather than just a script and I did the temporary voice-over for it. We were pretty scared about it, but it was the only way to communicate the idea to them in a clean and fast way.

Management loved it. Then it goes to the boys and… they loved it. Phew! I asked if Jack would do the V.O. for it. To my surprise, they said: O.K. He not only did one take, but he also sent us five takes, including one where he adlibbed “It rules” which we incorporated into the final piece.

We didn’t have much time to animate, it was only 3 weeks. We did a color script for it, then each of the scenes was drawn and colored. From an animation production standpoint, in one particular scene, we used keypose art as photographs with a backlight effect to make it look awesome and to save us some time in animation.

In the end, I wanted the feel of the gymnasium in a call back to those Air Jordans commercials.

The band loved the spot. You can see it on their socials all over. For this creator and everyone in the crew, it was a dream come true to once again work with Jack and Kyle. We all worked incredibly hard in record time to do this and give it justice.

I hope you dig the spot.


Writer/Director: David Calcano
Executive Producer: Linda Otero
Voice Over: Jack Black
Backgrounds and color: Larissa Rivero, Juan Riera & Eduardo Braun
Character Animation: Juan Riera & Finn Nowikow
Compositing: Jorge Mattus
Production: Marielina Obando
Marketing: Yannine Poleo
Sound mix: 5A studios