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In the latest collaboration between Istanbul-based gaming company Peak and Waste Creative’s animation studio, This Thing of Ours, a cinematic piece has emerged that seamlessly blends the virtual with the tangible. A 30-second short film showcases Toon Blast’s protagonists, Wally, Cooper, and Bruno, on a unique journey through the streets of an American city.

This cinematic project isn’t merely a promotion for a mobile game; it’s an exploration of design and visual storytelling. The film employs an intriguing mix of live-action, soft-shaded frame-by-frame animation, and 3D elements, courtesy of This Thing of Ours. The careful fusion of these elements creates a visual experience that transcends the phone screen.

The meticulous design of the film aims to bring the characters of Toon Blast into the real world in an authentic manner. From the aesthetics of the protagonists to the details of the urban environment, each element is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an immersive visual experience.

As Wally, Cooper, and Bruno navigate the streets in their car and caravan towards an epic disco dance-off, the film’s design captivates with its unique style. Attention to detail, the combination of animation techniques, and the use of 3D elements provide a cinematic experience that stands out for its originality.

Ultimately, this animated film not only tells a story but also celebrates the creativity and artistic skill behind the design. It serves as a reminder that in the world of digital entertainment, art and design play a crucial role in creating experiences that go beyond the screen.

Credits: This Thing of Ours

Alex Robinson – Motion Director
Benny Bentham – Creative Director
Alistair Campbell – Executive Creative Director
James Trimming – Executive Producer
Darren Young – Producer
Jorge Duran – Character Animation Director, Lead Designer & Animator
Jacob Reidy – Assistant Director, Animatic & Animation
Álvaro Castellanos – Support Animator
Hozen Britto – FX Artist
Cristina Ursachi – Clean Up & Colour Supervisor
A Film Estonia – Clean Up & Colour Support
David Penfound – 3D Artist
Mihai Meirosu – Music Composition & Sound Design

From the creator:

Our crazy toons Bruno, Cooper & Wally were spotted in downtown at midnight! Watch the whole movie to find out where they headed!

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