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Thomas Vanz

From the creator:

4K and Headphones recommended
Emergence of patterns in chaos or the way we fall in love.
True beauty is everywhere.
Hard to reach, ephemeral and mysterious, or simply hidden from us, revealed in a blink or a few time last forever, it shapes our ability to feel, to observe and to marvel about Nature and other beings.

But are we still able to do so ?
Modern life has weakened our eyes, blurred our attention, night skies has been obliterated by the city lights, noise covers silence increasingly.

Everything is going so fast that it requires a lot of energy to freeze frame and contemplate what universe has to offer.

As a love letter to contemplation, Order & Chaos is an attempt to reveal the beauty we forgot or ignored, how fragile and precious its presence is, and why human is progressively losing it.

Thanks to :
Gracy Hopkins as The narrator
Max Cooper for the music
Roman Hill for his precious help and
Dlp / lesofa for producing the film
Lucie Tardy for being
IG : thomas_vanz

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