Together We’re the Key

Global Mechanic

From the creator:

The first of 6 films we did for "You, Me, Community" - a new shorts series by PBS Kids!

The series was created to explore valuable and necessary themes like diversity, identity, culture and civic participation. The films feature flexible, emotive animation and cute, geometric design, engaging young and old viewers, alike.

Series Credits:

Client - PBS Kids

Production Company - Global Mechanic Media
Director: Bruce Alcock
Executive Producer: Tina Ouellette
Producer: Rachel Welsh
Animation Director & Designer: Joe Bichard
Senior Animators: Daniel Sousa, Ross Plaskow, Ian Godfrey, Ryan Kane, Cesare Battista, Kevin Langdale, Max Ammo, Sebastian Boissett, Sitji Chou

Sound Design & Mixing - Dick & Roger's Sound Studio