TOLM | Janek Murd – AVA


From the creator:

AVA is an experimental 3D animated music video for Janek Murd - an Estonian musician and composer.

Ava explores the constant cycle of life - be it a breath of air, passing of a day, a full turn of the year, or a journey from one's birth to death. 

AVA (meaning 'opening' or 'to open' in Estonian) opens with flashes in the darkness and then follows different ideas of what one does with the suddenly gifted freedom and curiosity of finding out, where it will all end up when the cycle comes to a close.

AVA is the first single from Janek Murd's new album 'VIIV'. You can listen and support the artist on Bandcamp:

For stills and additional content, visit our Behance page:

Music by Janek Murd
Designed, Directed & Animated by Joosep Volk & Maido Hollo