Travel Channel Little Journeys

Dog & Rabbit

From the creator:

A British Animation Award 2018 Winner (proud to say).

Following on from our series of stop frame animations for the Food Network ( comes 'Little Journeys'. A series of seven 60 second films for the Travel Channel.

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The films are all stop-frame animation with a bit of post-production good stuff here and there when needed.

This one is about a bloke who goes walking about in Devon (Dawlish and Dawlish Warren). His map gets nicked by a goat who resembles a big dog and he gets lost, which one would suspect he quite enjoys.

The props and people featured in the films are all 1/76(ish) scale models. Throughout all these films you can see the vehicles and people from the other films scattered within.

The films were produced by Perfect Tribe for Scripps.
Animation by Dorota and Andrew. Photography and video by Nich. Sound design by Nigel Manington.