Twitter History | Bullpen


From the creator:

At the end of 2021, we were approached by Twitter to create their first brand manifesto.

This film is a time capsule from some of the largest moments of Twitter's history dating back to its creation in 2006. The intended purpose was to be used both internally for onboarding new hires as well as for staking their position. This required showing the value, utility and positive change the app had contributed to profound moments in culture - from #BLM and #MeToo to #EndSARS and the #Covid19 pandemic.

While the recent acquisition saw the film ultimately shelved with a change in priorities, we're thrilled to finally present this film in its entirety.

Direction: Bullpen
ECD: Aaron Kemnitzer
Design: Yaniv Fridman, Aaron Kemnitzer 
Animation: Yaniv Fridman, Leo Franchi, Aaron Kemnitzer
Music: Amir Oosman "Abi (Instrumental)"

Client: Twitter