Versus | CBS – 2023 AFC Playoffs Quick Facts



‘Twas the night before Christmas’ was a holiday themed animated segment that longtime partners CBS Sports and Versus created to spotlight the craziness behind this year’s AFC Playoffs race.

To match the wild nature of this crowded race, Versus used a variety of styles: 2D, 3D, mograph, illustration, and collage, leaning heavily into each style where it made the most sense for the story being told.

Versus Team

Executive Producer – Rob Meyers Producer – Stefani Pimenta

Creative Director – Justin Barnes

Animation Director – Luis Aguirre

Design/Animation – Manny Palad

Design – Paul Darragh

Design – Paco Ruiz Illustration – Diego Barcellos

Illustration – Pete McDonald

Illustration – Ricardo Pereira

Animation – Rubens Abranches Filho

Animation – Guly Porto Animation – Henrique Souza

Animation – Nuno Leal Editor – Kevin Sypek