Vika’s Dream


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Process Imagery

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From the creator:

VIKA'S DREAM tell the story of Vika, a young girl in indonesia, based on a real story we created this animated short movie together with Phenomenons Amsterdam. We hope you enjoy watching, as we enjoyed doing it.

Production: Santa Transmedia
Direction: Alton
Coordenation: Vanderlei Santana
Accounts: Caio Fusco

Art Direction: Alton and Christo Silveira
Concepts: Christo Silveira
Storyboard: Marco Machado
Animatic: Vinicius Capiotti
Backgrounds: Christo Silveira, Rafaella Bueno and Bernardo França
Character design: Christo Silveira and Caio Martins
Character animation: Bruno Tedesco
Water animation: Breno Licursi
Cel effects: Arthur Gutilla
Compositing and Background Animation: Guilherme Ferreirinha, Lucas Pasquini and Leo Uehara
Color: Carlos Bumbiers Junior
Sound Design: Marcelo Baldin (Combustion)

Client: ING Netherlands
Costumer Journey Expert: Stephan Swerissen
Agency: phenomenons Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Bruno Tozzini and Ruben Smit
Copywriters (script&voice over): Bruno Tozzini and Ruben Smit