Vincent Bilodeau | P’tit Belliveau RRSP Music Video


From the creator:

Music video for P’tit Belliveau, a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Baie Sainte-Marie, a very small francophone community in Nova Scotia.

This video tells the story of a lonely lamp maker and a genie without magic powers, whose mutual destinies will change forever from the unexpected encounter between the two.

Integrating surreal and magical elements into a mundane and rural universe, characterized by an everyday life routine, the result of this music video is unique yet astonishing.
To achieve this particular aesthetic, we used the Oculus Quest’s SculptrVR application in the conception of the video. Every single movement of the characters has been translated from a MOCAP shooting.

Making of:

story & creative direction: Vincent Bilodeau
art direction & 3D animation: David Baril
design: David Baril, Pascal Brousseau, Charles Desmarais, Maxime Normand, Frank Appache, Morgan Ali
editing: Vincent Bilodeau
production: Colegram
actors: Philippe Boutin, David Baril
thanks to: Sophie Montmagny, OG, Studio Le Château