Renaud Hallée: Combustion

From the director of Sonar and Gravity, Combustion is a synaesthesic voyage into the fiery elements by Renaud Hallée.

Oerd van Cuijlenborg: An Abstract Day

Synesthesia in animation usually brings to mind the work of Oskar Fischinger or Michel Gagné, where the visuals work tightly with music. Dutch animator Oerd… Read more

Iain Acton: Anaconda

Fun face synesthesia in Anaconda, by Iain Acton. (Via brandj.)

Michel Gagné “Sensology”

“Sensology“, Michel Gagné’s synaesthetic play on avant-jazz, is online in full. Can’t wait to see documentation (or more performances!) of Fixed Fragmented Fluid (via Cartoon… Read more