Onesize: New Reel

Dutch studio Onesize outdid themselves for their latest reel. Masterfully edited and bookended by an edgy intro/outro sequence, the sound design and music composition from… Read more

Onesize: New Reel

[qt: 984 554] [Full post] Visuals: Onesize Sound design and music: Jeff Dodson

AENY: Thursday, Jan 29th

This coming Thursday at 6:45, Adobe After Effects New York will be hosting AE guru Lloyd Alvarez and Blue Sky Studios Lighting Lead Aaron Ross.… Read more

Cadbury Eyebrows

[qt: 600 450] Via Boards Credits Agency: Fallon, London Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham Creative Directors: Chris Bovill & John Allison Art Director: Nils-Petter Lovgren… Read more

Diablo III Trailer

[qt: 768 324] Created by Blizzard Entertainment‘s cinematics team

BNS Office Max

BNS LA creates a beautifully feminine world in their latest Office Max spot.

Peugeot 3008 vs Zamak

The french team of directors Stéphane Leloutre & Tim Miltat worked with the 3D shop Sabotage Studio in Paris to bring the characters of Olivier… Read more

Peugeot 3008

[qt: 960 540] Credits Directors: Stéphane Leloutre & Tim Miltat Post-production: Sabotage Studio

Poll: Down Time

Based on our previous poll regarding the economy, it seems many people have more spare time on their hands these days. There are a lot… Read more

Pnau: “Baby”

James Littlemore directs Pnau’s “Baby” (via No fat clips)

Pnau: “Baby”

[qt: 720 405] Via No fat clips!!! Directed by James Littlemore

Tim Brown updates

Recent graduate Tim Brown updates his site with some nice new work.