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Based on our previous poll regarding the economy, it seems many people have more spare time on their hands these days. There are a lot of great things you could do with that time—but I’m curious about what you’re actually doing.

Just to be clear, I’m not curious about what you’re doing once you get home from work. I’m wondering how you’re spending all those extra hours while you’re supposedly “on the job.” Select all that apply:

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it won’t seem to let me check multiple. I am doing six of those things.


Give it a go now. I think it should be working.

Marc B.

She looks bored


Yea I wonder who she is looking at?


Not to disparage your poll, but I think the fact that it’s being hosted on a site that is a destination for “inspirational work” is going to skew the results. If we posted this same poll on Hulu or a gamer’s site I think you can guess what the top result would be. Just sayin’.


Agreed. This is far from scientific. Just having some fun. :-)


i dont see an option for “looking at porn on your cell phone”


i think that counts as doing tutorials


or maybe checking out inspirational work… i mean, they dont exactly say what its inspiring you to do…


sadly i facebook, or create playlists on spotify


downtime, what the f*#k is that? they always look over my shoulder to keep it busy.


You left off, “No time for any of that ’cause you’re still working your arse off.”

Joe Clay

I think we should redo the original poll. Back then I was doing better than ever—I was laid off then got a job offer that was 150% of my old salary. Now I’m laid off (for the second time in 2008) with no prospects in Tampa, FL. I can’t move because I’m now upside down on my house (it used to be worth an extra $9k when I bought it, now I’m down about $40k) nor do I really want to. I’m turning to freelance, but I don’t have any contacts yet.

Could we also add a column for royally screwed? :) Luckily my wife switched jobs last year because they laid off the whole department at her old job. I can survive on unemployment, but it sucks. I was finally getting some money in savings too.

Sorry for the rant. I think it would be important just to see the change from last time. Maybe we could make a two part poll—what we answered last time and where we are now.


FYI: We’re going to re-do the original poll in about a month, just to see if anything’s changed.


i see no option for answering polls….


Have you already voted? Do you see the results above?


No, I meant along with “Watching TV shows”, “Redesigning my site”, etc, there should be an option for “Answering Polls”…..my attempt at a little poll humor…..

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