A wild, animated ride through Portland’s food, drink and culture

Portland is one of those rare US cities that’s bursting with character. What better way to express its distinctive personality than with a series of mixed media animations celebrating Stumptown’s beer, food, shopping and general quirkiness?


As a collaboration between Portland’s own Wieden + Kennedy, New York’s Blacklist, and Paris’ WIZZ Design Studios, led by director CRCR, the “Travel Portland” spots are swirling masterpieces of typography, cel animation and mixed media filmmaking.

The eclectic, hand-crafted approach to each spot is a fitting echo of Portland’s earthy cultural vibe.

Production Stills


AGENCY: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
PRODUCER: Jessica Staples
ART DIRECTORS: Becca Wadlinger & Nate Nowinowski

PRODUCER: Alexander Unick


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  • justin

    Not to take away from the great work, but in a piece about promoting Portland, maybe use a Portland based studio? An agency using a Paris and NYC based studio seems unfortunate for the few, but great studios in Portland.. Just a thought.

    • Reinhold

      I agree.

    • jeff

      so quirky they had a tv commercial made in france.

    • I see where you are coming from, and I respect that, but there are plenty of Portland commercials done by Portland studios. I just can’t see an issue with bringing people from outside with a fresh view and different approaches from time to time. At least it made to Motionographer and we are talking about Portland. haha “Local” is good in an era of “Full Blown Globalization”, but we should be cautious to not turn it into empty puritanism.

  • It’s rare for US cities to burst with character? East Coast bias, Justin… East Coast bias, haha.

    • Ha! I live in Austin now and grew up in Houston. Houston is far more representative of US cities than Portland (or Austin).