Lucas Zanotto: “Ostrich”

In Ostrich, Lucas Zanotto crafts an animated short made up of string, construction paper, and good storytelling.

Supinfocom Arles: Miam!

Supinfocom Arles students take us on an action-packed ride through candy land in “Miam!” Making-of video on the Miam! site.

Mixtape Club: Woolworths Training Day

Hornet’s Mixtape Club put their character animation skills to work in this endearing spot for Woolworths and agency The Brooklyn Brothers London

Egmont Mayer: Red Rabbit

We all have something we want to hide. Bad breath. A shadowy past. A massive rabbit living in the spare bedroom. Created as a graduation… Read more

Mesai: Alarm

I gotta be honest, the real reason I was first attracted to Mesai’s “Alarm,” was for its beautifully soft lighting and rendering. On second pass,… Read more

Lobo: Boticario “Fish”

The Ebeling Group’s Lobo flexes their character animation muscles with this touching story of a goldfish’s journey into the afterlife


The Wagglemax Zombocalypse Survival Kit

PepperMelon Updates

PepperMelon updates with new work for Target, MTV and Cartoon Network.

Sarah Laufer: Teleachat

Supinfocom student Sarah Laufer created this whimsical one-minute animation as an exercise during her first year. It pops with personality and shows off Sarah’s fine… Read more

Zombies vs. Vampires

Franz M. Palomares created this cute tale of supernatural love while learning Maya at NYU

Adrenaline Lemmings

Animation test for series of original shorts created by JP Vine with Alex Orrelle at Crew 972

Warp Whistle

This is cute (in a nerdy way): Mario warps himself to the big city in Warp Whistle (Thanks, Erik!)

Celyn for WWF

Nexus Productions’ Celyn illustrates and directs this cheery spot for the WWF