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UFO: MTV Adrenaline Rush “Bike”

Working with VIMN MTV World Design Studio, UFO busts out their cel animation skills in this intense ID for MTV Adrenaline Rush. The limited color palette, fisheye camera effects and distortion of time make this a quirky, compact narrative that stands up to repeat viewing.

UPDATE: A reader comment asked about the technique used in this spot, and UFO responded:

We animated in 3D and rendered using cel shading, we then added 2D animation for the SFX and added in lines and textures (for example around the heart and details on the characters.) to make the design richer.

The backgrounds were all in 2D.

On a related note…

UFO is set to sign with the newly formed Falcon, a new production company formed by the current partners of Stardust. Falcon has already signed Assembly and Neon, both of whom have been featured on Motiongrapher multiple times.

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New Work by Buck

Characters, cel animation & pop retro: Buck keeps on rocking with great new spots for Fruit Snacks, McDonald’s and¬†MTV. Credits on the projects’ pages.

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