MTV Ident – Pleasure

Aran Quinn

From the creator:

This is a tale about a little odd fella who plants some "Pleasure Beans" in his garden and finds himself soaring into lands of pure bliss.

Absolutely delighted to be commissioned by MTV to make a visual Ident for their Motion Artist Series.

The brief was almost completely open. I was able to design and animate anything I wished that kept to the theme of, 'Pleasure'. I was given purple swatches to keep as my primary color palette, but I was free to add secondary colors such as the pinks and orange. I thought a naughtier take on the fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk would be a sweet place start.

Thanks for having a look :)


Directed, Designed and Animated by Aran Quinn
Original Music and Sound Design by Kenny Kusiak

Client - MTV
Producer - Camila Gonzalez Navedo
Art Director - Carlos Mendez
Motion Art Director - Ismael Picardi

Made at The Mill