Logan, again.

Logan Updates. A lot.

Logan has updated with a huge amount of new stuff, the highlights of which (in my opinion), are the first two featured jobs for Apple ‘1000 songs’ and Citroen ‘l’echappe’.

1000 songs rubs me the right way, its a clever visual solution for a specific message, as opposed to the more broad awareness spots for earlier apple products (actually, there is another new ipod spot in this update as well). Although the ipod at the end looked a bit dogey to me… vaguely 2d -but that might be because ipods are ridiculously slim now, and I just can’t make it out from the size of the quicktime. Then again, who am I to complain?

The second spot I’m going to talk about is ‘l’echappe’. I’m not completely sold on this spot, I like it – but there is something which bothers me and I’m not sure what. The compositing & tracking is top notch, as is the animation. Hmm. As always, we’d like to know what you think about it, leave a comment below.

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