On my way to class?

Well, school has definitely begun. It’s my first week, and already I’m snowed under. I won’t let that keep me from making a quick post here, though.

Charlie Company: Court TV "RED"
Great camera moves and strong compositions make Charlie Company’s spots for Court TV’s RED campaign excellent viewing. They really did a great job adding a new dimension to the "ready-made" sound design of the featured shows.

On the Charlie Company site, go to Recent Developments > RED to see the spots.

Brian Sensebe
Brian Sensebe’s reel has a lot of nice work in it. I especially like the animated, marker-drawn sequences near the beginning.

I noticed some Mun2 work in there. I wonder if he worked with Chris Palazzo on that stuff…

Play Airways: MTV
Play Airways has concocted a bevy of IDs for MTV’s new Canadian station.

I’ll admit the graphic techniques used in these are a little familiar, but I like the element of the unexpected in each spot. You never know exactly which piece of the image is going to disassemble itself and spray forth its life force. I also like how the ambient sound design gets incorporated into the rhythmic second half of each piece, unifying the still image with the branded graphics.

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