Buck LA X-Play, First Boards Awards.

Try saying that 3 times fast. I’m really sick, so this will only be short:


Buck LA presents G4 Networks’ X-Play.

Following on from the great ‘Anime’ spots they did a while back (which I can’t seem to get a link for, sorry), Buck have produced a similarly styled opener for X-Play. Both hosts are tracked through various genres of game and combat through some clever transitions and grading.

Watch X-Play

First Boards Awards winners announced.

This month’s issue of Boards Magazine features all winners and finalists of the ‘First Boards Awards’, ranging across Directors, Editors, Composers, Animators and Motion Graphics/Designers. Our congratulations to them all.

Personally, I’m really happy to see Tim Kentley of XYZ studios as winner of the Motion Graphics/Designers category. Timo gave me my first chance to do professional Motion work and he, and the rest of the team at XYZ, do really great work and thoroughly deserve it.

Check out the entire list here.