RBG6: Orange

I’m loving all the new Orange spots from RGB6 (with London agency Mother). So far, RBG6 has posted seven spots from the series. The first project, a 30-second stop-motion spot, sets the tone for the rest of the work, leaning heavily on charming sound design and a quirky brand of understated, surreal visuals. (If I had to put a label on it, I’d call it Brito-Swedish… or maybe Swedo-British.)

Visit RBG6’s site | Direct link to RBG6’s motion portfolio

Thanks to our man in France, Emmanuel Dumont, for the tip.

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bran dj

These spots are amazing.


I think this piece would have made Mondrian jump for joy. I vaguely remember reading that coloured tape changed his life and he thought it was one of the great American inventions.
Anyway, After seeing this piece I headed straight over to nexusproductions to watch some of the other spots.
They’re great. It’s the kind of work you have to watch more than once.


Less is more. enough said.

Mark P.

Great guys, very funny and extremely talented. They did our May cover as well:


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