Saimon Chow: Black

There’s been a bit of buzz about the latest Adicolor spot, “Black.” Created by Saimon Chow (Transistor Studios), this short film is impossible to describe or explain. So I won’t even try.

Bon appétit.

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i like to know what chow was eating when he made this… cause i could never fathom such craziness even if i was drunk.. LOL…


Is it causing a bit of buzz because it’s so half-assedly awful?


death to concept! lay down your storyboards and let the dream come true. use your mind powers, vistory is upon us.


I think Adicolor is jinxed or something, first we saw crap from Tronic with Jenna Jameson and now this.

This is simply a case where he was trying to hard to make something cool and different… as usual… and like wp said, “it’s so half-assedly awful”.


this is nowhere near as bad as tronics piece.. i dont think its terrible, it just doesnt make any sense

really.. what the hell is the deal with adicolor anyway? someones blowing way too much money on this campaign (and i havent seen a cent of it)


I’d say this is a lot worse than the Tronic/Jenna piece. SC normally does some great stuff, but this just comes off as a 3rd year film student fuck-off. I’m guessing time and lack of a solid concept played huge in the end results. It’s not the biggest deal in the world that it sucks (everyone is gonna fuck up from time to time), but initially after watching it I was pissed off that fanboys will guffaw all over it just because of the name behind it. Any praise on this clip is entirely unwarranted.


In all honesty, I see a lot of people complaining, but I don’t see anyone really doing much of a better job than what they’re yapping about.

You have to remember that Adidas wanted VIRAL spots, not spots to please the design community. In the end, if the client is happy, then the studio did their job.

Or have a lot of you forgotten that?


Personaly I don’t find SC’s style much i favour, but I like that he is willing to explore it and try to exchude the adicolor peice with it, and for all sake I am really glad the Adidas is willing to trow a great deal of money in this campaign (I don’t know how much but I am expecting it to be a fair deal) and then giving the oppertunity for some of us to work in a more “freely” range.
And another point is that it seem that Justin and the rest of the crew here, is having a hard time doing a more subjective describtion because of the rather fuck’d relpies that comes, prehaps a more constructive tone, or at least keep motionographer out of the “sucky-forum-realms”…

john black

# wp says:
May 12th, 2006 at 6:44 am
“…Any praise on this clip is entirely unwarranted.”


Panda Police

I’ve been following Saiman Chow’s work.
I think he is a true artist of our time. I like both his analog & digital work.
Not like many other artists, He always pushes to new things, evolves, explores t onew level, truly inspirational. the” adicolor’ work was great! , really enjoyed it. i thought it was one the best one of the series… I hope to see his new work soon again!

Panda Police

someone said..It has nothing to do with brand adidas by watching these campaign.,,,,but I THINK that’s why it’s so great!!!
many big corp. companies should use their advertising money for better things, like to support more artists!


Female Wizard, you are genius.
Are you a time traveler ?

As for the spot “Black”. I wasn’t entirely entertained, but it only took a few minutes out of my life and I’m not angry about it.

As for the entire Adicolor campaign. What clients do with their money is up to them. I’m happy our economic climate facilitaes this type of advertising. Horay advertising, hooray experimentation ! Hooray sexy teens covered in goop !

Hooray commotion in the ocean !!

David Lewandowski

Man, New York has really taken a toll on sc………

joe blow

yes, this is a real “artists” spot. Just like poems, only the creator knows what its about.
feel sorry for the monkeys that had to sit there and keyframe that shit

joe blow

i love that this “blog” is now commercialised hahaha too funny, ok, ok woooow this is sooo cool!!!


“Man, New York has really taken a toll on sc………”

Wow!!! Are some of you serious with your comments?! This spot rocks! You are all used to seeing SC in one light (LA). He searched outside the box and came up with something so original for Black using medium he’s not familiar with, and some are ripping it when others in this canpaign made no sense even more. None of you conceive the amount of time, conceptual ideas, and technical aspiration that went into this great story. Its unimaginable yet hysterical. Great job all around!!

“Any praise on this clip is entirely unwarranted.”

As for you, nice quote. Lets see your latest…


“None of you conceive the amount of time, conceptual ideas, and technical aspiration that went into this great story”

I think we all conceive the amount of time that went into this, and no matter how much time went into this, that doesn’t make it a great project. I don’t care if he put in one day or 2 years, I simply don’t think it’s a good project.

But hey, I agree with YLO too, it’s great that he’s exploring like any artist should and it’s amazing that adidas will commision work like that, all to them. I’m sure this will lead to something better next time.


Experimentation is a great thing and I guess he was aware that this piece would cause this much polemic. I’m actually a bit angry for having spend a couple minute watching this movie. It’s not even aesthetically chalenging!!! Just plain boring!!! And don’t come ask me “where is your original work then?!?!”, or “do better if you can!!!”. Not all great artist is a great critic and most critics are no good artists and nobody here has yet given a good reason to like this clip! I’d rather read a good book than try to find the poetry in this film!

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