Shilo: Redesign + New Work

Shilo has refreshed their web presence and posted some excellent new work, including a new reel.


The reel is edited in such a clever way, with elements from one project juxtaposed with related elements from another project, creating a chain of styles that’s dazzling in a subtle, sophisticated way. Sometimes the elements share a similar form (eyeballs, airplanes or fish-like shapes), and sometimes they are linked thematically (a man playing guitar cutting to a man wielding a sword, a shot of a car followed by a shot of a fuel pump). I love it. It’s like a hidden puzzle.

The new Scion spots are a lot of fun and even feature some character animation, which I believe is a new weapon in Shilo’s arsenal.

“Energy,” a collaborative project with Cassidy Gearhardt for smilefaucet, has probably already been posted on Cassidy’s site but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I really love the vertical sequence near the end. What a beautiful way to contrast the main character’s expansive inner state with his mechanical, claustrophobic outer state.

(My only criticismâ€â€?maybe it’s more of a pet peeveâ€â€?is the way in which the site resizes my window when it loads. Man, I hate that.)

Congrats to Shilo for continuing to create inspiring work.

And thanks once again to Shaun for coming through with a hot tip.