Logan is unstoppable.


The whole Motionographer Crew is pretty burned out at the moment, but we’re summoning the energy for some juicy new posts soon. Here’s a quick one to tide you over: Logan has updated. Again. I swear these guys don’t sleep. Anyway, you know I love them, and anything I try to describe at the moment will be gibberish, so just go and bask in the warm glowing glow of their new stuff (Only one quicktime at the moment, the rest are teaser images. Damn).

Actually, I will mention one thing, I really like the direction the newer iPod tvc’s have been taking – letting the background do all the work. The latest spot has just gone up, with music by Australia’s own Wolfmother. Enjoy.



Yes, “letting the BG do the work”, as you put it, does seem like the most natural way to evolve this successful campaign . . . My prediction is that we will see some more BG variations in future campaigns.



Never been crazy about the iPod ads. They have been riding the ‘dancing sillhouette guy’ thing for way too long. This new one is nice, and well executed but I still feel sick of the whole concept. Also find the songs they use very irritating.


I would Imagine Mark Romanek deserves some credit as well…



a bunch of people paid to act like crazy monkeys pretending to be having fun listening to jibberish music. painterly red and pinkish background…lets not forget the little half-tone dots to give it “texture”…. yes you really like this innovative work i see, glad to see it making “news headlines”


tha – don: if you think its so mediocre, take it up with chiat day and logan and sell them on a better concept.

i love logans work and always look forward to their updates..


as usual.. logan does what logan does well… kick ass! :)


ah bill… bill, bill, bill..mnx, mxn
anger management bro…
anyway, i dont do this “personal” attcking stuff you seem to be into, following me around this site and all…..

anyway, “yes, yes, very cool work, inspirational as always… i really love the textures and painty effetcs, it gives it a flowy, yes controlled look, organic i think is the word, yes, yes that it. very nice!!”

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