All-Australian update… And one that isn’t.

I’m still busy, busy, busy, so my apologies for not going into these pieces as much as I should. So, in order as they appear in the image:

multi 050606

XYZ Studios Update.
XYZ Studios have updated with a new reel and a bunch of new work – so much that I think there is only 2-3 pieces left from the previous site. Make sure you check out, well, pretty much everything. The AGIdeas 06 sequence is full of great imagery, and the all-organic ‘lighten’ stop-motion TVC should not be overlooked. These guys work damn hard for a smaller studio and its good to see them getting recognition.

Visit XYZ Studios.

Engine Update.
Engine has also updated with new stuff and also a new reel. I have a lot of respect for these guys too, they work with some very conservative commercial clients but always manage to put a unique spin on things. Creative Director Finnegan Spencer had only this to say about the latest round of work: “We love what we do and think everyone should be nice to each other”. Uh, very insightful. Thanks Finn!

Visit Engine.

Collider Update.
I don’t know when it happened, but Collider has also updated. There is a bunch of new stuff in all of the categories, so have a look about. The McDonalds spots and ‘cape of storms’ are quite interesting.

Visit Collider.

Psyop Update.
The big guns of Motion have also updated (hit new). Look, you know what to expect from Psyop these days. Or rather you know what to expect in that you never know what to expect. Adidas ‘Blue’ is a bit of a departure from their usual work, but the editing is pretty amazing (check out the fast cuts between cars that still keep pace with the shot). The new TVC for teletext is psyop crazy-text-particle fun, and the Bouygues spot is… well, I have no idea what its for (it might help if I spoke french), but it looks fantastic.

Visit Psyop.

Now, I gotta get back to work and so should you.



Psyop news are OOOOLLD. And bouygues sell mobile phones.


How old is old? about a month ago was the last time I checked. Haven’t seen it linked up anywhere else as yet either.


dang, whats up with Psyop man?
i heard that they are not from earth once.
at any rate, they got it down right.


and the adidas blue is different, but the level of coolness still says psyop.


Nice post Jon… some great work.

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