America Fun-Pak

America Fun Pak

I got an enigmatic little e-mail this morning about “America Fun-Pak“. No mention of the creators’ identities, just a link. Parked on a domain with no content but an email address and a movie, I was a little curious. The movie turned out to be a beautifully detailed bit of satiric nostalgia, but after watching it a few times the message (if there is one) was still a bit unclear. Maybe you guys have a better idea.

Message aside, the visuals are definitely worth the visit alone. The “cut-and-paste-2.5d-jittercam-50s-world” has been done before, but the anonymous creators of America Fun-Pak executed it handsomely.

Visit America Fun-Pak.



Hopefully this is a teaser for something more to come soon. I think the topic of immigration is just getting started in theis country.


Nice stuff, but the pace is a little slow–it seems to drag in comparison to the music.

I’d like to see what else this crew comes up with.

some guy

It is undoubtedly someone’s showreel who hasn’t landed a paying gig yet. Probably art/film school project.

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