what if…

The kings of typography in motion are back with this great little piece that carries some nice use of typography. Trollback + Co have always known how to treat type the way it needs to be treated. The concept is nice, as is the copywriting. Subtle seems to be the word lately, but this is it, and it’s good.

Take a look.

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I’m glad you posted this. I absolutely love the writing in this piece. I know Trollback isn’t responsible for that, but they did do a great job enhancing the already strong copy.


Finally, a good simple typographic piece. I haven’t seen one in awhile. Thank god for simplicity!


If i was Imaginary Forces i would bite that and use it to open the reel… lol


Funny. I just saw this spot on TV and was wondering who did it. Open up the laptop and PRESTO! Motionographer comes thru again. Thanks Tread. Great post.




i didnt know you could animate in microsoft word..


Love the sarcasm. Let’s see if you could have drawn those frames on cel paper…..


Concept struck me as incredibly lame. Typography/motion was nice but nothing impressive.


style is stupid, pretty conservative. but i can understand if that’s their target audience


Way to put it blunt but I agree. Target audience is probably 70+ year olds that cant handle a lot of colors and moving things at once.


hmm. good IF. but old-fashioned


I like eet. Simple and sweet. A nice change from all the eyecandy… nothing wrong with particles and flowers blooming but it just doesnt need that here. Well thought out and just simply doesnt need anything more. Love the tactile feel.


i can’t believe anyone would say that this is stupid…


sometimes the simplest things hold the most beauty.
A well crafted piece of motion graphics that probably fit the clients brief perfectly.

David Lewandowski

Nice piece, I bet it really hits thier target audience. not going to make an “if” joke.


Trollback + Co. Rocks.
They are great designers and I learned a lot working with them. Nice job guys.


I was pitching on that gig… It looks so much like the storyboard from FCB.
But congrats for getting it. (PS: I still think my board was better!) ;p


…Steve is stating that the target audicence must be over 70+…
Steve, are you aware that 99.9996 % of the population are not motion graphic designers?


word should be able to animate
then it would be easier to animate for target audiences.


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