X-Wife Ping Pong music video

This company Las Palmas Films did a music video for the band X-Wife. I loved the idea and it’s fantastically executed. Animating graphics on graphic t’s, and make it look realistic. I dig it. The music is pretty rad as well. Check it out.



Super nice project!!!

With the music video explosion in just the last 3 to 4 years, it’s hard to recall many videos with such a great concept and with “fantastic execution” as Tread puts it.

This should be a lesson on music video formula’s for those thousand designers trying to land music videos, it’s not just about lens flares, it’s about concept. It goes a long way!


I’m going have to say this isn’t a new idea. Olivier Gondry did this last year, I think for The Killers but I can’t find it anywhere…


Sorry it was Hot Hot Heat


Tread or myself never said it was a new concept, we said the concept was good and it was well executed.

I think 90% of the work out there is derived from some other concept in some way, shape or form. So I don’t think it’s a shame to give Las Palmas credit for something they executed fantastically.


Great use of the word “Rad”. Definitely not being used enough with young people today. I guess they never saw the movie…high5.


i totally knew someone was gonna be like “this was done before.”

don’t you think pointing out a work’s unoriginality is getting kind of old?


carniceria, i agree, it’s getting a little old.

There is a time and place for it but I know what video he is referring to and it’s a similar concept but the two projects look nothing alike at all. When something is a direct rip concept wise and aesthetics, that is the time to call it out.

buna (nutrition_facts)

x-wife are from my hometown :D their lead singer is something of a legend as a dj in portugal and elsewhere, and very nice guy… had breakfast with him once after he played an all night set after a chicks on speed concert. :D

very nice video, excellent execution, a++ in my book.


I thought it was very well done. But it does go a bit flat halfway through.

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