JJ&Maithy Sweet’N Low Pt. Deux

Pink Panther

Hornet’s JJ&Maithy just released a second, beautifully done Pink Panther spot for Sweet’N Low. I enjoyed the seamless blend of 3D and 2D animation in their first pass, and this spot one-up’s it. While still as silky smooth as its predecessor, “Switch Up” is a bit more ambitious with its larger focus on the stylized characters and detailed nighttime environments. And it’s more pink. Very pink. Inspirationally pink.

Check out “Switch Up”.



Glad you posted this, Daniel. It was in my queue.

I’m actually a little less impressed with this spot than the first one JJ&Maithy did. I think this one was a little too ambitious for its own good. It loses its narrative focus, I think. I had trouble following the action on my first viewing.

Maybe that’s just me, though. And it’s likely the result of the agency’s writing, not JJ&Maithy’s direction.

At any rate, it’s a gorgeous spot.

dregs dream

i love that first one. great use of a simple shader and 2d compositing.

looks great. wonder what 2D/3D apps they use… is anyone out there using toon boom studio for 2d animation?


They prolly use the new program called Pencil & Paper. Its very hands on… you should try it! :P


they didn’t animate the panther…

they just did the 2d comp and fake 2d-3d stuff


They did indeed animate the Panther, check the credits:

Pink Panther Animation
Animators: Brent Chambers, Mike Howie, Raymond McGrath, Dave Butler


i meant jj & maithy didn’t animate the panther

of course they had other animators to do it

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