poor Noodle…

Why? why, why, WHY!

Watch and find out what why I question so…

Seemingly, a sequel to the ‘Feel Good Inc.’ video, this one, for the song ‘El Manana’, is just as pretty to look at and just as amazingly executed. Anime seems to be taking over, especially this mix of cel animation and cg. Curious story though, and makes me wonder what the Gorillaz are up to. What are they setting up for? I have a particular interest in this group just because of how revolutionary they are. Remaining virtual gives them so much power to do what every they want to themselves… like, well, you’ll just have to watch. But WHY?? So strange.




They are not revolutionary and this stuff is like 4 months old.



well, apologies for posting 4 month old material, I was unaware.

But I’ll stand by my claim that they are revolutionary. Who else has done what they have?

Jon Y

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a post that throws to a 4 month young music video. It may well be the first time many readers have been made aware of this magnificent piece.

It’s interesting to note that Hewlett has said the whole flying windmill motif is his direct homage to Laputa: Castle in the Sky.


Since Motionographer is newer than the antville post (and there’s no mention of it in the Tween archives), it’s good to have a link to that vid here.

Tread, thanks for the post.


wonderful piece..

one question..
who is the character that is in this video? it certainly doesn’t look like noodles to me..

looks more like a mix between 2-d and noodles.. or something..

anyway.. i really dig this, however there’s always 1 or 2 elements in gorillaz videos that repeat themselves.. or look almost exactly the same.. and it makes me feel like they’ve just re-purposed some animation to fill in gaps..

anyone else feel this way? (helicopters coming after the character again the second time.. same feel)

david lewandowski

Jon Y- I too noticed that!

Well, it was certainly more entertaining than Appleseed …

Greg- When I saw the helicopters chasing her back into the building again, I thought to myself.. “Ok, yes, we’ve already seen this before” so I wonder if there was a limitation on plot or something, and the device was repeated for a reason unknown


I’d call them revolutionary in a heartbeat. There’s no band or group quite like the Gorillaz, and there’ll probably never ever be one. So, uh… yeah. Revolutionary.

From what I gather, Noodle was pretty young when the Gorillaz first started out. Here, she’s gotten older, hence the more “grown up” look. I love that Hewlett did this: he treats the characters as real people, who grow up. Pretty cool.

And didn’t Jamie and Dan disband the band? Maybe it’s their way of ending it.


animation is tight on there. it is an older spot but it’s always nice seeing it.


New to me. Thanks for the post, Tread.


it’s crazy that this is 4 months old, it totally slipped through the cracks. I noticed it over at feed, and thought it was cool, so up it went.


dont know if anyone else noticed but we dont actually see her die..

otherwise.. what a beautiful composed piece.


you have a point… the whole thing is just begging for more story


Read this… It will give you some insight into the death video…



this is a reach, but i figured if there’s a place to ask, it’s on this site. the beginning of this video reminded me of an animated french music video from around 2003. i’ve been trying to find the video for months, but can’t for the life of me remember any keywords that bring it up. there’s a little girl with purple hair running through fields, hanging out in trees, playing with dandelions staring at the sky, etc. occasionally things seem wrong, like she’s on a surveillance monitor that glitches, or a deer in the bushes turns out to be mechanical. at the end, the house lights power down and she walks off what turns out to be a sound stage. in the background a green light goes on for the next kid in line to run through the simulation. anyone have a copy or remember the artist’s name?


@ Higa it was done by bessy&combe
I believe you can find it on the nexus site also

they’ve done a couple on the same technique.

ben cowell

it’s called mickey 3d, directed by bessy & combe who are repped by nexus productions in london.


i love you dudes

Han Thon

Such a cool music video. You’re right, Gorillaz is revolutionary. The first band front by a bunch of cartoon characters. Plus, they have really nice music. Yeah, the music is a plus… haha.

J. K.

Gorillaz are not revolutionary as far as being fronted by cartoon characters, a band called Prozzak has done it way before they did. And I’m sure there are others I don’t know about.

I like the clip a lot though as well as the story.


obviously no one is calling them revolutionary because they are a band ‘fronted by cartoon characters’. it’s a bit more than that, I’d say.


I believe that’s supposed to be a grown Noodle, if you’ve noticed in the other videos, like “Dare”.
She’s not a little girl anymore….

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