new Psyop…

Back again, and it seems red is the color lately for psyop. Two new spots, one for Grand Marnier, and one for AAA. Retro stylings compliment the classy feel of the Grand Marnier spot. Nothing to get crazy about, just a nicely done spot, graced with the psyop touch. Same goes for the AAA spot. Maybe we have been spoiled with the insanity of the mtvHD piece. That will be a hard one to follow up, but no doubt it will happen.

Sorry, you’ll have to go find them, I can’t seem to set links to them for some reason.

I’m pretty sure it’s been covered, but notice at the bottom of their site, they have ‘sisters’, Mass Market, a VFX company, and Blacklist, a rep for some pretty amazing talent.

Watch ’em: AAA | Grand Marnier