Mike Goubeaux wins Scion Xpress Fest

Mike Goubeaux, a SCAD senior was recently announced as the finalist in the Scion Xpress Fest music video compeition with this entry. It’s somewhat of a kickback to the likes of Aha’s Take on me video with a curious motivation and an open end. I dunno, I’d be freakin out if some white goo with black outlines started taking over my body, but dude seemed pretty down with it. I mean, that’s just me. The production is pretty top notch, no doubt. Especially for a student film.

Congrats Mike.



i almost feel like its hard not to relate any b/w rotoscoping with aha, unfortunatly. IMHO, i get more of a ‘final fantasty – dream of win and regine’ video vibe from this, but that might just be those headphones.


He forgot to find an end.


I helped out on this whole thing, mostly with the animation and concept. I’m glad to see that Mike got some credit. (I’m also a SCAD student as well Justin C.)


great video… of course the video star didn’t freak out… did you see his tattoos? he’s one coooool cucumber…


Go SCAD… almost as solid as OCAD!

Mike Goubeaux

regarding comment by “fmd”. not sure who you are “justin c.” but there were no justins involved in concept or animation or any other part of the video for that matter. the credit for animation belongs to Andrew Muto (www.andrewmuto.com). he was the animation supervisor and completed nearly every frame of animation himself. the concept was mine. just wanted to clear that up. thanks. mike.

Mike Goubeaux

think i figured out “fmd” is referring to justin cone. however, still not sure who fmd is. Unless it’s andy. ;-)


he’s acknoweldging Justin Cone, the creator of this blog, who is currently a student at SCAD.

Shawn Burns

This is crazy! I saw this video and realized who the band was and it’s a great friend of mines band! I don’t know why he never mentioned this to me… w/ him knowing I direct as well. I’m glad to see a SCAD student getting some recognition.

I am a SCAD student as well, and this is great for the school. Hope to see more student work to be discussed in the future.

This does remind me of Aha, but, in a different sense… not jumping between worlds… great work though. I really enjoyed it.


Geez, so who exactly did this? Mike you say you never animated this? So how is it yours? It was the animaton that you watch.. thats almost most of the concept.. Concept… lets see, a bunch of white stuff going over people…. cool. So why isnt Andrew acknowledged for this? Some things never change…

Mike Goubeaux

hmm. I directed it. this includes writing the outline/treatment, storyboarding, lighting direction, directing the actors, framing/cam movement, involving the animation director, etc. i also edited and color corrected it. andrew and i were partners from the get-go. i developed the concept (with andy’s input) after we decided to do something with animation in it. between us, we decided how it would look and move. he executed most of the actual drawing, i did a few shots to help out. he doesn’t get official credit because he didn’t qualify as a currently enrolled student in school. that part is unfortunate, i agree. but you are right…the director usually gets credit as the “author” of a piece, no matter who does the various bits of actual hand “work”. andrew will back this up though, i stole that quote from him. there was actually a third person who did a good bit of the white fill, Jaime Tapias, not hard work, but very laborious, he did lots of filling. Andrew should get more credit. so visit http://www.andrewmuto.com. he and i work on things together from time to time. we also benefited from the work of Todd Eastman as a DP! Also important was the producer, Peter Onsmark. lots of great people worked on it. i want to make sure they get credit. and for the record, they are getting some of the money as well!!

Angel Beckner

i saw a student film called cardiac arrest and i was wondering how i could find it again

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