BD4D + 55DSL winners announced

Back to the topic of contests and their winners, The 55DSL winner and the three runners up are up on the BD4D site. The theme seems to be something along the lines of ‘live’. The films are pretty nice. I’m not much a fan of third place. Although it would be pretty cool to just bust out sprinting in a certain direction and eventually run into some hot barbaric chic who wants to make out with you. And then the world starts being overtaken from illustrated goo from a copy machine… oh wait.

The winner is interesting, although the visuals were better executed by psyop in their adicolor piece. I would imagine if, at the end of the day you rewound through all the images your brain processed that day, it would look something like that. Then you get a dose of character animation in the other two. Relaxed Denim.


runner up

2nd runner up

3rd runner up

thanks for the heads up, Ryan.



In my opinion….

The first one(winner) was weak. Conceptually it had little meat, and no originality. Design wise is was not impressive and technically it was probably the easiest one to execute of the 4.

The second one was well done in all areas. Pretty funny, good message, conveyed well. Original execution and pretty nice design.

3rd one was just an absurdly corny and ridiculous concept. Looked like a back yard productions video from a middle school science project on cave people.

4th one I liked. Not as much as #2 but it was pretty cool. The microsopic BG was a nice touch. It was obviously showing the “life” cycle, but just not in the most interesting way. Concept was good, execution was not up to par.


I agree with steve.
I don’t see how the winner won- the project was suppose to be about motion– I feel that stills don’t convey that at all- plus it was the easiest to execute out of all the entries.

Also, the winner and 3rd runner up look like projects that were previously completed and the artists just slapped a 55 logo at the end.

I probably liked the runner up the most, there was some actual 3D and 2D work happening- plus the story was tailored to the project.

the second runner up was crap.


yes, the “weener” one with stills was “animated coolness” (lol, blogger’s lingo) i never thought a bunch of stills strung together could produce such “animated coolness”, let alone win competitions.
runner up was cool…agree with G-moe


What’s strange is if you look at the scores on the right for each video, they seem to be in opposite order.

4th place had the best ratings.
1st place had the worst ratings.

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