New Conduit Work

Conduit just directed a new spot for the Telekom Charity Cup. Just when you think ink is dead, someone else is able to ressurect it in a fashionable way. I’m a fan of the animation of the players. Just good work. The rest of their stuff is worth a glance as well. Not to mention they are in South Africa.




Nice piece, but the ink didn’t really seem all that essential to it.


I thought animated graffiti bouncing from wall to wall was dead too. There was some car commercial a while back that had a similar idea, well done without allot of soul. The limited animation worked really well here. Great sound too.


gosh, must we all be trend setting all the time?


the ‘this has been done before’ posts are getting really really tired.

I wasn’t saying the ink was essential, ink is never essential. I’m just saying the way it looks and moves is fresh.


it does look very nice. the sound design coupled with the staggered animation style was very very well done.

however, i do think a ‘this has been done before’ is merited. i mean, maybe not from a client or regular television viewer… but on a site like motionographer, you have to expect it. I’ll admit my face fell when i realized what was going to happen in the spot. the idea just got tired so so quickly. even logan’s citroen ad was already stretching the trend. and there are countless others… i mean, dennis rodman eating the big mac with the tattoos!

props to execution.


exactly who told you ink was dead? or what would give you that idea? wow……
quick tip… you will see lots and lots of new work all the time….. and i would not run and call things dead just because some fancy name director did something and now you think its dead.

anyway… cool link thanks…



thanks for the lesson don. Ink that is used in it’s most basic and usual form, that which we are all used to, is extremely over used because it looks cool. Drop some ink in some damn water, wonderful. Dead. At least the use of it in this wasn’t that, and the strings of ink representing where the ‘ball’ is going is nice, and it’s fresh. To me. Hell, it’s probably been done before as well, but if you expect me to keep track of every single piece of motion graphics ever created, well, I’m sorry, I’m going to dissapoint you. And someone will always be there to burn me for it. I try to have as much a life as I can outside this crazy line of work. Thankfully, we have motion graphics mavens such as yourself to keep me in check. What ever would I do otherwise.

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