EyeballNYC Does It Again

Back in February, EyeballNYC posted a series of station IDs for CMT directed by Adam Gault and Carlo Vega that quickly became my favorite examples of network packaging. CMT has recently birthed a new station, Pure Country, which focuses on older/traditional country music, and they again tapped EyeballNYC to help out with the station’s launch.


Given that Pure Country is dedicated to the decidedly simpler sounds of traditional country music, it makes perfect sense that EyeballNYC’s package is simpler than the previous CMT IDs. The Pure Country IDs rely more on live action to create a relaxed mood tinged with nostalgia, with beautifully textured 3D logos floating through rustic scenes of Americana laced with iconic imagery of railroads, mobile homes, big trucks and, of course, Nashville.

Check out the work on EyeballNYC’s site. Also check out the work of sound designers and frequent collaborators Expansion Team.

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yes “rustic”,
im going to use that word in my next meeting, it will make me sound like a journalist.. hahaha, i love this blog.


i like eyeball’s stuff…


wow THA-DON thats the first time you like something..You must work at Eyeballz..





real dope.
They still can’t mess with me in the Thunderdome though…




two man enter one man leave


So simple but so good.

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