Shilo: AVA video and Fuel


Shilo just updated with a few new pieces including the newest Angels and Airwaves music video. To me this video is a breath of fresh air in contrast to the common fast pace of motion graphics. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy creating bombastic animations, but its nice to be reminded of how great well-lit film can look mixed with some clean compositing. Even without the graphical universe I feel this piece could stand alone using only the lighting, edits, and color treatment.

And while your at the site you should definitely check out the promos for Fuel TV. A nice surrealist journey and a calming Chinese proverb, a few new takes in the action sports promo arena.




no doubt.. and the album is pretty good too


I would enjoy this more without the live action and with a different song.


I really love that surrealist journey piece. So fluid and dark.


HHMMM. am i missing something. that video looks like a u2 video from the 90’s. The fuel stuff is cool. nice MC Escher reference!


This video is amazing and Shilo is an incredibly talented studio with extremely talented designers/animators. They pwn you all!!


the only thing they own is bad texture maps and played out watercolor paint drip animation..but nice try.


The calming chinese proverb is cool, ill give that a good score you know… but the dude narrating is really kinda sily, i mean, he says “water” with an american accent, and overly american accent, when he is clearly trying to sound ethnic chinese….. im still scratching my nuggin on that one.


mambo schambo..

Sir Monkey

Super sick MC Escher Fuel piece. I’m sure that wasn’t an easy one to pull off. Crazy props!!!

Mambo, funny you mention that, I couldn’t think of the band that did the same video/concept/set… so thanks, it was U2. It was off there Zooropa cd. But, Shilo’s looks much much better!!!

The other Chinese Fuel spot, wow, it feels like I’ve seen that one million times. Holy jumping fish on a old paper textured background with spilling ink, awesome! Let’s name a studio that has not used jumping fish and or ink spillage!


Hey guys.
Glad some of u dig the stuff.
A lot of hard work went into that stuff so I’m sure the positive feedback is appreciated by all involved.

Tha, the dude actually was chinese, i think sometimes when translating it’s hard to get all the accents of another language down, or something. Nice guy though.

– peace


I just framed-by-framed the surrealist journey piece for Fuel. Holy shit. So much detail in that one. The droopy skateboard at the end is a great touch.


Must have a lot of Mark Romanek influence. This looks so much like the Coldplay video for Speed of Sound and even has floating at the end which Mark Romanek is obsessed with.


its poop

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