Midlake – music you should listen to.

Ok, this post isn’t motion graphics bound, but this band, Midlake, who Justin happens to be friends with, and I happen to absolutely love, deserves some publicity, so we’re giving it to them. I wanted to shed light on their new album which is out in the UK, but not in the US yet, apparently. When I listen to them, I can’t help but be vortexed back to the 19th century where you built your own house out in the prarie and hunted for your food. It’s classic piano rock, backed up with nostalgic guitar, and smooth vocal harmonies, mixed with some toned down british invasion and a solid beat you can move to. It’s lovely. You can sample their new album on their myspace page. enjoy…



Hmmmmm… Odd post. It doesn´t really give me something. I have a friend who´s music is great, can he be posted as well? Pls keep it motion. No hard feelings, just my opninion. Thnx :-)


From Motionographer’s About page:

“Motionographer isn’t just about motion graphics. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the Motionographer contributors hope to provide you with interesting material regardless of the medium in which it was created.”

In other words: that’s how we roll, baby.


haha, rock on


I think the music is interesting and worth mentioning as a source of inspiration or just a good listen, but I found Midlake’s singer to very Thom Yorke-esque…to the point of distraction. I’m not saying it’s intentional or a bad thing, but I have a hard time getting past it. For this reason I’m afraid it doesn’t conjure up the ideas and images it otherwise most certainly would for me as a musician and as a motion graphics designer. I can’t tell if I need to expand my mind or if he needs to expand his. Don’t get me wrong…I liked it.


Midlake uses video as a large part of their live show. While it’s not necessarily motion design driven it’s not just a bunch of stock footage either. So, maybe it fits in more than you think.

Also, they very much rock.


Looks like they are playing at Emo’s on Thurs. Will try to check em out.

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