Lots of Stash stuff…

I got a copy of this month’s STASH DVD, and wanted to pass along some of the notable work that was on it. Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s ‘pssst… pass it on’ was featured, but that was posted already. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

First off, Hornet’s Peter Sluszka brings us these promos for the g4 channel for a show they have called ‘Midnight Spank’. Pretty funny stuff, and of course wonderfully animated. Drugs and toilets and alligators and sex and speedos, and… monkeys!


Pucca, an asian TV series that spawned from animated e-cards, star in these broadcast ID’s produced by studio b productions. They’s just cool, go watchem.


A company by the name of Le Pivot in Paris busts out this fine piece of animation for Honda. Quirky story, and of course, being that it is french, really awesome 3d and animation. What is it with those guys? I guess it’s advertising some new moped of some sort? I don’t really care, I just like watching the commercial.


And then there’s this little music video from the band Bell x1 for the song ‘Rocky took a lover’. A great mix of almost every technique there is. Illustration, 3d, stop motion, live action, puppetry. The company that did it is SSSR, a set of directors for passion pictures out of london, and apparently is ‘two norwegians and a japanese guy’. I particularly enjoyed the compositing. Felt unique. Check it out…




SSSR’s work really blows me away. I love the mixture of different techniques. Great stuff. I do kinda wish they’d do something other than ping pong ball headed characters all the time, though.


man, now I want a zoomer. Great stuff. shiny!


fyi; I’m pretty sure midnight spank is a repost..


Old news.
All of this stuff is on Stash already too
Repost aswell.


you dip shit, did you not read? That’s exactly what I said, it’s all from stash. I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t get stash and haven’t seen this stuff.

but sometimes I forget that this site was made for you. Sorry for the old news.


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where does your hate for us come from? I really don’t understand why you think we are doing so much wrong to the industry…

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Now would be a good time to move on with our lives. Or talk about the work. Or both.


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Good work Sluszka!! something different!!

david lewandowski

No I meant it had been posted here before not on stash. I did read your post :)


Hi! :)
Zoomer is part of a series of podcast called “No Same Way”, commissioned by Honda.
The URL is:


At the moment there are 4 movies on the site, that is the same number there were on 4th of June when I posted it on my blog. The reason is probably that none of the other three clip was as good as this one. (IMO the other three are not good at all, but that could be me…)

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