Bitfilm Festival Deadline Extended to August 8th

I was going to post a Quickie about this, but I figured it’d be better to post the full poop here:

The 7th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film has reinvented itself. From now on, filmmakers may submit their works by uploading them to the festival‘s website. All selected films can be watched online. Netsurfers are encouraged to recommend them to each other, generating virus effects. The global Internet community will thus decide about the Bitfim Awards in a “viral voting” process – making Bitfilm 2006 the first festival worldwide which completely relies on the virus movie principle. The films with the highest viral potential are going to take the awards in each of the seven categories:

3D SPACE AWARD — computer-generated 3D animations
FX MIX AWARD — digitally composed hybrids which mix various techniques
FLASH AWARD — animations made with Flash
MACHINIMA AWARD— films shot live in computer games
DEMO AWARD — software that generates PC-based realtime animations
MICROMOVIE AWARD — short clips designed for the small screens of mobile devices
GRAND PRIX TV DIGITAL — 3D or VFX-driven feature films (only trailers on the net)

Films may be submitted until August 8, 2006 at The prize money totals 10 000 Euro. In addition, the winner of each category gets a Bitfilm Robot statue. However, it is not only the filmmakers who can hope for a prize. The festival is going to raffle attractive merchandise prizes amongst viral voters, with increased chances for the more active participants.

The award show will take place on November 1, 2006 in Hamburg (Germany). It will be complemented by screenings, talks, workshops and parties.

The screenings will be shown in the well-known Reeperbahn club Mandarin Casino which we transform into a four-screened chill-out cinema.

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