Daniel Oeffinger, I’m Yours

Our very own Daniel Oeffinger recently finished a self-initiated music video for The Decemberists’ “Los Angeles I’m Yours.”


Co-directed by Ram Bhat, who painted all the beautiful matte imagery, the video is the result of several months of collaboration undertaken while Daniel was finishing up his undergraduate degree at SCAD.

The project marks Daniel’s first serious crack at directing, and from an entirely objective viewpoint, I must say he kicked major ass. Not only did Daniel do all the post work and most of the 3D work, he marshaled a group of volunteer artists to satisfy his and Ram’s vision of the video with great success.

We’ll be posting an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the video soon here on Motionographer. Congrats on a job very well done, guys.

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Well, I like it very much, but it starts kind of photorealistic and then it becomes a cartoon. Maybe it would be better to keep a single style.
But I like it anyway.


i liked the star eating monster


This is fantastic! Go SCAD ;) The art direction is precise and the matte’s are beautiful.

I got a little thrown off by the cartoony world that unfolded but it all began to flow nicely after that initial transition.

The style change is justified since we are going inside the city…

Anyway, enough outta me.



horrible excuse for motion graphics.

Sir Monkey

Yeah, totally agree with Franktatu, I realize the storyline goes into this other happy world but that is just too extreme and two completely different aesthetics. Also, the whole midsection looked like it was very rushed, very elementary 3d mixed with 2d elements, those don’t even match. There are like 3 to 4 different styles in this one spot. It really can just be one element to integrate throughout the spot to tie everything together but without that, really falls apart.

As rude as that sounds, there are a lot of good things, the idea is there and I do love the look of the first section, that is very well done. It’s a very difficult project, it’s one of those easier said then done type of projects.


I have to say this review is very biased. It was a nice first attempt, but lacks refinement especially the 3d camera moves. Alot of the animation looks like it was done once and the artist believed he was finished. This could be that there was just to much to do and didn’t have time.
But it seems this guy put to much on his plate. Directing animating, modeling. It’s impossible to have any objective directing in this piece what so ever. I’m all for limiting
what you are doing when you don’t have the resources and time to do it. I think this artist should have done the same.


I think a lot of people are forgetting that this is student work… The main principle of student work is to experiment and push the boundaries of narrative, motion theory and editing theory. What i see here is professional level work without the many years of experience of some listed to the left. Daniel sets the bar with this piece when it comes to the amount of quality it takes to be a notable member of this community.. Everyone else here including me is straight up jealous.

Lets see some of your alls student work.. Lets see if you can get Cone to approve it.

Sir Monkey

Dumb shit Travis, I wrote that knowing he was a student, the fact that he is a student makes this post that much more valuable to him. As a student, you should be able to take feedback and hopefully learn from it, or ignore it, that is his choice. But 3 of the above post have mentioned the same thing, that the styles are conflicting. So, obviously he needs to think about that on his next project and it will make his future work that much better.

Do you want me to bow down to him because he took on a ambitious project at school? That is just a part of being in school, that is why you are paying a hefty price to be there, to “experiment and push the boundaries of narrative, motion theory and editing theory”. He’s the one getting his moneys worth and will be the one getting a great job out of school.


Sir Monkey, i certainly wasn’t bashing your post or was in anyway trying to dismiss your critique. It’s a shame you stooped to name calling otherwise i would have considered you a grown man with validity and clarity to share. Lets just try and have a debate without becoming childish.


Perhaps your first post set the mood of his response?

Sir Monkey

From Travis: “Lets see some of your alls student work.. Lets see if you can get Cone to approve it”.

Yeah, sure, whats that about being childish.


10 Shades lighter than name calling.


its cool but i see that 6 people worked on it, so whats the big deal here? I would expect 6 people to come up with something cool, students or not….

but then again, shouldent hate, you gotsta move up the ladder somehow, and using motionographer (show cases of other people’s work) to self promote your own work is the obvious route, aint no shame in that game.
let capitalism march on, otherwise you are a radical who hates what we all believe in – freedom!!
haha, i crack myself up sometimes…

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