Lobo Gets Exotic

Not 24 hours after my last post, I caught wind of another fantastic piece from Lobo, this one for Nike’s in-store displays at their Nike Town locations.


Lobo are like magicians, always pulling off feats of metamorphosis and conjuring right before your eyes. Comps seem to appear from thin air only to shift and bend into another tableau of vibrant imagery. In the case of this Nike spot, each scene builds on the previous one, progressively revealing more and more mechanized wonderment.

I really like the interplay of sound design and music in this one, too. Very nice job all around.

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Ah, thats cool justin thanks!!

This is AWESOME, back to the motionographer we know, nice short posts, good links to good work and none of that lengthy bullshit on useless opinions on what people should be doing. (espicialy bullshit from Tread)



Beautiful piece!!! The visual and the illustration artworks is great

Thanx for the post Justin!!!


this was directed by ramiro torres


Thanks for the comments. Ramiro Torres was the client at Nike’s side briefing and approving the project. And don’t think that I’m kissing ass because I’m not but he was awesome to work with.


amazing, very well done..


Hey matheus how long time did you guys spent on this project??

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