HunterGatherer + Nike

If children’s book author Eric Carle did lots of acid and picked up some animation skills, maybe he’d create something similar to HunterGatherer‘s, “One Time Only,” a series of short films for Nike.


I especially dig the sound design and the product sequences at the end of each piece. Really original stuff with a genuine sense of playfulness. I’m so glad Nike didn’t opt for high-end vfx shots of shoes melting together to promote their new Hybrid line. These are much more fun.

Thanks for the tip, Phil

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hmmmm ok, not my style, but there is most def. something here.
i give it a thumbs up…

interesting, engaging, and kinda klunky and jerky and boxy in a cool way.
I would say in this kinda style, this was done right, i have seen a lot of attempts at this “oh look its choppy and i am cool coz i am an artist kinda stuff” but just looks stupid, but this i think has very good merit.

Now, i dont know if its just that EYEBALLNYC didnt pay you Justin or what the deal is, but I think the POWER spot they just did is really cool. And as a “student” of trends, motion and design, that should have been a featured piece on the right side, but you decided to make it a “quickie” on the left, shame on you.
I think you buy too much into the hype of the name of who made stuff and the real deal cool stuff sometimes goes by……
anyway, this is a cool spot, and so id the EYEBALLNYC POWER spot……


did anyone ask you your opinion on how justin should run his site? if you have so much valuable information why don’t you try being a contributor?


This Nike stuff is the best work i’ve seen in a long time. Congrats to all involved.


haha yeah,

THA_DON shd either start his own motion graphics blog, or get laid more often.

Glenn Riverside

Beautiful work. Such strong emotion from the characters despite their blocky composition. This is a 10.

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