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In case you missed it, Tronic was recently profiled on Apple. Even though these these little PR-documentaries are full of requisite references to Apple hardware and software, I still think they’re valuable. I love seeing the faces and spaces behind the work I admire.


Tronic has also updated their site with quite a bit of new work from the last three seasons, including “Indian Steps,” a short film that “explores the relationship between man and nature in regard to territory and airspace and how that struggle between them is symbolic of our human geo-political struggle for geographical control.”


It seems to me that Tronic is really pushing its boundaries and trying to expand its skill set. At the same time, they’re keeping true to their artistic roots. It’s a tough balance to strike, but they seem to have a knack for it.

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At one point she says, “we work seamlessly between the 3D work, and the Mac for all the Post-Production work.”

Is that implying that they don’t use the Mac for their 3D?

Interesting and subtle.


I hadn’t seen the short . . . Jeesh, the 3D in it is awful. It’s got a machinima look, but I don’t think it was their intention.


Well, it looks like an old Video game opening. CG nowdays has become a lot more complex and photorealistic. I didn’t get the main idea. Sorry.

Sir Monkey

They have been known to do some very dodgy work, such as the Adidas spot they did with Jenna Jameson.

But I’m not going to knock them because they have done some amazing work that has been very inspirational. They are best when they use their acrhitecture background and integrate that into environments, at least that is my opinion.

As for the OS they use, they come from the PC/Architecture world so I highly doubt they use mac for 3d.


Pretty sure they use Maya for all their 3D, and it’s cross-platform.


could have used a bit of camera shake on the plane sequences…..
just my $9000 worth….


They use 3ds max. And with bootcamp you can run it on a mac pro (xp boot).


I’m not sure why this spot is show on the site. It looks ‘out of school’.


justin, i don’t think that they use maya. they are featured on splutterfish’s (brazil) site. a 3dmax / Rhino renderer.

also sad to see that photoshopped dove, that andrew zuckerman a.k.a. andrew michael shot, on tronic’s site when it’s nowhere in the machinima spot


wow…wont they get sued for using that?


Well… seeing how the client was Getty Images… and the image is on Getty Images… I doubt it.

But, they might have just bought the usage for that image for themselves instead of using a, not so nice, render of the machinima pigeon that they have.

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