Punga: Plastilina Mosh “Millionaire”

Argentinian studio Punga recently posted a whimsical music video for Mexican band Plastilina Mosh.


The video is a cornucopia of pop culture references and trendy imagery. I don’t mean that as a negative criticism. It’s fun. Pure and simple.

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Too simple without any idea :( It´s too sad, becouse some art of musicvideo works.


(sorry – art – part)


I thought in the end the robot´s ass get kicked by the 4 ladies. Although superior in technique and different in style, it reminds me a lot of my old studentproject from 2001. https://www.mateuniverse.com/index.php?id=328&Item=1&SortBy=128


It has some nice elements, and a look that appealed to me. However, those elements seemed to be a bit scattered and some dont really work/relate with eachother.

btw…I like the chiptune sound :-)


im only gonna remark the similar parts that this piece have with an old Pleix work (https://www.pleix.net/films.html) check E-BABY and look the resemble with the compuer parts, the close up camara moves.

punga have good works, but this one isnt the case

Glenn Riverside

It felt like a satire on motion graphics, there were so many cliches (I think intentionally). I really liked it though.

“I’ve got powers like Tony Blair” is the best lyric.


MotionMan, I have to agree w/ you. I logged in to comment on how it did remind me of Pleix stuff, but also at the same time, reminds me of Shilo. Alot of similarities in the color schemes, camera moves..and 3D work. Nice observation.

Have you heard of “Motion Man” the rapper? He’s pretty sick, he works with Kutmastah Kurt and Kool Keith a lot… just curious cos i’m going to see him in a month or so. Good stuff. He’s underground west coast, and ill as shit.


nice work! good effort & patience….its really painful to do a music video in motion graphics & animation…

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