Putting Motion Graphics to Good Use

We recently got word of an interesting spot for the Control Arms campaign organized by Amnesty International, Oxfam & IANSA.


No, it’s not a high-end vfx tour de force from a leading Hollywood post house; it’s a one-man job created by a guy (Kaza Razat) who believes in what he’s saying. He also happens to be saying something worth thinking about. That, in my book, deserves respect.

If you know of more examples of small-to-no budget vfx and/or motion graphics work created to raise public awareness about any issue, please let us know. We’re going to be hosting a related contest soon, and I’d like to stockpile some good examples to share with the community.

Here are a few others that come to mind:
What Barry Says by Knife Party
Trusted Computing by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel
Liberal by Joel Lava

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Thanks for the link Justin. Your initiatives are always interesting.


How do i view this, i have Quicktime 7.1 and i get the “?” within the Q symbol, what does this mean? Thanks


Hmm… not sure what the problem is. Try this YouTube link instead:


Here’s another one: The Ronin’s Black Day To Freedom project:


The “spot” seems intriguing, so I cruise through to the root level and check out some of his other stuff.
I look.
I laugh.
Another poser. I say poser because I have serious issues with (among other things) “artists” tossing around Rage Against the Machine sound bites to push product. Yeh – begin “the revolution” by sitting down with your PS2.
If being “leftist” is a joke today, it’s largely because goofballs like this guy think “edgy” means applying a chorus from System of A Down to hackneyed motion graphics. “Edgy” being a nice term used to “lifestyle” a well branded product so you know, “the kids” will nag mom and dad about getting one/some/it. He should aspire to building cut scenes for that wonderous drafting tool – Americas Army. That way he wouldn’t have to wander around with such a confused and contradictory attitude. Get In, Get Out or Get Off.
Art: C-
Style: C-
Concept: D


I disagree.. I’d give the concept atleast a B. Bringing street art to life is a fun concept.. what you do with it is the challenge and I’m not sure this guy lived up to that.

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