RGB6/Nexus London: “The Game”

RBG6 (of Nexus London) created an advert for Honda that re-imagines the famous Tron light-cycle scene with Civics.


Brings me right back to my childhood days, when I used a rolling pin to mimic Flynn starting a race. (Wow. Not only did I just date myself, I unveiled what an incredibly nerdy kid I was.)

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i kinda like that… cool!


i really like this piece but the best bit for me is the logo animation at the end.

its so simple, yet perfect!



if you’re gonna knock off Tron 20 years later…it should be done much better than this… I feel it lacks the passion that was put into the movie…which makes this feel lifeless…or amateur…one of the two.


nah, I disagree…. this guy has the right spirit….he doesnt get it right but it’s close enough…maybe they are like the tron guy????



Wow, this piece is just—worthless, isn’t it? The marriage of Honda and Tron has no frame of reference–nor was one made in this spot at all, nor was it a loving homage to a great, fun film. It’s just a crass example of some AD’s line of thought: oh, the Tron generation is grown up now and has money…let’s make some cheap references to sell cars and cash in on nostalgia–what crap…sorry!


I wholeheartedly agree with positron . . . there is no thought in this piece, just a mindless marrying of two ideas. I am extremely tired of this standard and linear “creative” approach in advertising (stick product X into concept Y, WHAM! You get an ad). I wonder how this idea was even bought by Honda.


Bummer. I suppose you guys are right. I was beguiled (once again) by nostalgia.


haha–Justin, you are free to like it if you want–it fits both sides of the discussions on this site–but like Doug Coupland wrote in Microserfs, “Beware the corporate colonization of private memory!”
This made me think of a crass idea I once had: now that so many animated features are fully 3D, it would be an excellent revenue stream to create cross-branded ‘featurelets’ with swapped out backgrounds and costumes advertising Coke, NBC, WalMart, Playstation–in other words, the entire Toy Story environment as a NASCAR racer–is that a million dollar idea or what!


what a bunch of pillocks. well, i guess cool stuff is not for everybody.
u wondering what it has to do with HONDA… uurrrrr dhaaa, it shows a car racing thru obsticles displaying agility and good balance and what-not…. dumbed down for you, its a car that can safely weave u thru day to day traffic… didnt seem like rocket science to me to get the drift… oh wait.

even justin has to jump with the sheep, ok me to, me too.. ok, here goes…

ah, thats not the tron movie, nor does it match it exactly… blha, blha, oh whats that car doing.. blah blah, oh my gosh i dont get it, not like the movie.. blah blah…..


Don’t be bummed justin, I got the same feeling taking me back to the old days when I first experienced what is still one of my favorite films. I pity the people who are so paranoid about being being brainwashed by “the corporation” that they can’t enjoy something like this commercial. I guess that comes with being young.

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