Rebranding season… Capacity style.

Fall is upon us, what does that mean? The blazing colors of changing foiliage, carving pumpkins, cool crisp air, and… NETWORK REBRANDS!

Justin recently posted a quicky for the reel of Capacity, a studio in LA that flies under the radar, but does some really really fine work. More notably, and recently, Capacity took on the task of doing the rebrand of NBC. Catch the montage on Capacity’s site. It’s a really really great rebrand. A much different, and very good change for NBC. They utilized stills in a really nice way… 2.5d is always sexy, but the interaction with the feather from the logo, acting as a cursor, makes for an interesting combination. I’ve been watching heroes, and it’s nice how the elements, as far as what you see in the montage, have relevance, conceptually to the show. Makes it all a bit more captivating. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like NBC is really utilizing all the elements yet, but when they do, if it looks as hot as the montage, maybe the best major network rebrand ever? Regardless, it’s going to look really really good. Very edgy for a major network.

While you are on the site, also check out the NFL replay piece, and their internal project, ‘planted‘. Also great work.

I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Capacity.

Nice job guys.



I was wondering who did this. I can’t imagine trying to please a network such as NBC… even though they mention that it was a great experience working with them… Im sure it was tough making so many people happy… and for such a mainstream audience.

A perfect example is how watered down and lame ABCs branding is with their use of 3D stroke around the logo.

Congrats to Capacity… awesome gig.


Capacity’s work is quite outstanding.
Its cool how they took Jesus’ Parable of the Sower and made it a particularly cool and personalized self-promo piece with ‘planted’.


nice, will be interesting to see it carried out. not sure about NBC but i get like an hour to do a promo backplate and that design looks like it might take a bit longer.


They did a great job with this. NBC seems to be prioritizing their interactive stuff. While it certainly shows up in this edited stuff in Capacity’s reel… it seems to be carrying over pretty well in what I have seen so far on the channel itself. I have been wondering who was responsible for the new look as well. Really nice work, good post.


I like the pacing, reveals, transitions, colors and everything…except that cursor like thing. Maybe its because I use the computer all the time and I’m annoyed with seeing more cursor type objects. It keeps poking things. Stabbing things. Piercing things. Dragging things. Oh well.


I totally agree with seth’s commet above. But I guess this is what marketing means by “convergence.” That making a cursor click over everything supposed to make viewers feel that they are “choosing” what to watch? Kind of weird, IMHO.


I love the cursor. It’s amazing how that thing drags my eyeball around the screen. I am a slave to its majestic movements.


The diagonal lines and flicker-on transitions harken back to the early GMUNK days, but I really like the style overall. In the past NBC has been prone to doing really cheesy things with the peacock – remember the guys in the colored spandex jumping into and out of the colors? Ugh.
Also smart of NBC to embrace the computers/new technology aspect, rather than trying to pretend it’s not happening.

Good work Capacity.


this stuff is amazing. For network branding, it’s top notch. It’s been a while since i’ve seen something like this that actually stands out. It was about 4 days ago or so that I noticed the re-brand and actually thought to myself… “wow, that isn’t a bad look for NBC” and then i open up my browser to see the capacity info. Capacity really does some great work.. i had never checked their site out from the cream of the crop list… i regret it…

Sao_Bento… this looks great. however, i’d love to see people jumping in and out of the logo w/ spandex on again… so hot.


wonderful display of graphics. really cool. Fabulous. astoundingly amazing! sweet. rad. awesome. nice. cool!!

Paul Ducco

anyone know where a Quicktime of these spots might be.

awesome inspiration. new twist on network branding

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