Buck: New Cingular Push To Talk Spots

Only a few hours ago while doing research for a class project, I was checking out Buck’s first Push to Talk spot for Cingular. Then tonight, I’m checking my email, and lo and behold, I get a message from a faithful reader about two new Push to Talks spots that Buck just posted.

The web is such an exciting place.


What I like about these spots is that they’re subtly subversive and slightly creepy. There’s something just a little… I don’t know… off about them. And that’s why they work. Take, for instance, the very idea of putting a body beneath an icon that we are more comfortable thinking of as a disembodied symbol of happiness. There’s something about that decision that borders on transgression.

Transgression is decidedly good.

Thanks for the tip, Wabash.

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i sincerely am not too crazy about it, the style is cool but i see so much work put into it for something that imo is just decent. I guess the smiley face just had its time.


“What I like about these spots is that they’re subtly subversive and slightly creepy”
dude, i think you are going mad. do you even know what you are writting or you just enjoy seeing your fingers type? hahah maybe its the weed, hehe.

those spots are creepy? wow…

anyway, i think they are fun and the transitions are super cool. a big pum-pum to buck on those, job well done.


They have taken something that should be boring, and have made them interesting. I can see the subversive qualities of the emoticons, but wonder if that was intentional. Overall they are solid.


I was surprised at the quality of the character animation. Buck’s work is usually much more design-centric and much more finessed, animation-wise.

But I do love that transition out from the Earth.

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