Stardust: Hugo Boss Green

Jonathan Rhys Meyers struts about a baroque landscape of undulating sketches in a new spot for Hugo Boss Green from Stardust.


Stardust’s owner and executive creative director Jake Banks directed the live action for this puppy, and I’d say he did a nice job. For someone who’s supposed to be smooth, Mr. Meyers is a woefully awkward guy, but they managed to squeeze a bit of cool out of him and let the graphics do the rest.

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Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



They did a bad casting job, the guy is annoying. That look, yuck.

Bad compositing. There’s even spill around him and some other weirdness with the girls.

The ambient-occlusion cg look is very overdone but otherwise nice animations.

Good job.


underlying message = if a purple haired girl in a short dress is checking you out: jump off a building.


how come logan gets hassled for making one spot that vaguely looks like a psyop spot, when work like this, that looks almost EXACTLY like motiontheory’s reebok spot. the colors, the design, even the animation and no one bats a lash? insanity.

The Crabster

It appears that you just did…


yuck… i must agree not a whole lot of difference in that ‘AO city expanding from a container’ technique.

additionally, that part where he starts to climb the building and has to wait for the camera shift… i’m guessing that was an attempt to differentiate this one from the MT spot… but it comes off really strangely.


Yeah, that’s a press release. Stephen (the editor of Stash and Feed) and I get the same press releases. At the same time. :-|


sure, the style has been done heaps, however it seems okay, in the sense that monet painted many impressionist pictures. *ducks*

i enjoyed the part where he walked up the wall because there was an implied intelligence in the surroundings, and the animation movements were funky.

found the part where he kicked the lamp-post very unnecessary and uncomfortable ‘oh, here comes the 2.5d human interaction! wow!’.

at the end, there is a voice talking, however the visual has Mr Meyers holding an ambiguous smile.. would have seemed more ‘honest’, for want of a better word, if he actually said the words to the camera.

i did enjoy some of the ‘building-folds-up-out-of-a-box’ animations; the movement has a rhythmical enjoyment and delivers visual satisfaction imho.


hahaha u guys r really strange. I get bashed for calling a a spade and now this common, keep to the “impressive”, “amazing”, “cool” comments and leave the real stuff to me.

Anyway.. there is not much i can add, i think u all covered it.. LOL u people r funny, intertaining actually.



2pop, what was the point for the link to the plaigerism site, i think you are crossing the line there bro, wond yo neck in a little.

vector birds, flourishes, butterfly and dear were abused last two years. If you worked in the last 2 years, you have these elements floating in your reel. So maybe you should point yourself to that site there buddy.

anyway, remember that this spot was for europe aswell, so its all good, they havent gotten too much over the trendy shizzle.



yeah 2pop is just a jaded ‘artist’

anyway Jake Banks is laughing the way to the bank..


Oh yeah, i almost forgot about the Reebok Ripoff.

And they call themselves creative directors.


forget the design… stardust never disappoints when it comes to cutting TERRIBLE mattes and bad motion tracking.


serious… there’s some laziness showing in this spot.. is this the final piece?

the part right in the middle of the piece.. where he passes behind a stop light post.. the match up between 2 video shots of him walking is horrid.. his leg gets chopped and looks dismembered..

i’m just really disappointed with this.. seems like their heart wasn’t in it at all..Lots of work went into it.. but they seem to have toned back on the drive they usually present.


^^^blame the freelancers, haha.

You guys are funny, in this day and age how much “original” stuff have you seen? Everything is a rip of something…


I feel sorry for Stardust.

It seems like they’ve gotten to a point where clients just come to them and basically force them to pop out the same style because they liked it when they first saw it in the Microsoft commercials. I remember their NY Production Manager, Michael, saying that that was a serious problem they’ve been having (this was said at an art director’s show in Philly).

It makes sense why their hearts just aren’t in it.


Seinfeld has the soup nazi and motionographer has the mograph nazi’s.

“no motion graphics for you!”


Maybe this was the inspiration. This commercial aired in Spain about 6 months ago.


cock star.

“With full credit to the many great talents involved,� Banks added, “I really see a lot of myself in these pieces, as they are exactly the kind of work I love doing. With our reputation spreading around the world and the many opportunities we are constantly handling – each of which, by definition, must push forward the cutting-edge of fashion, lifestyle and music – this was a project where I could really get into it and passionately apply myself.�


Oh man, that Jake Banks has his head up his ass it seems. “I really see a lot of myself in these pieces”

Must have been a terrible day getting into office and know everyone knows how poorly directed & executed this was. The stardust crew probably read all these comments here too.


ahhh, common now… you are all tearing this thing up so much, jeez.

Its not bad at all lets be honest. I think people love hating on stuff and just because everyone is hating it feels safe to do so without being roasted. I have seen stupid praise over stuff half as good here on this little blog.

i know more than half the people commenting are impressed deep inside… so please stop being gay and fake and be honest.



if u guys are so good, y dont u start a company like stardust?
maybe we can sit here and critique yr ‘brilliant and truly original art.’

quit being computer superheros…
go to their parties and say it straight in their faces if u got the ballz.


I agree. Remember 10 other companies like stardust pitched on this job. This site is a perfect forum for jealous losers to throw jabs. you all know who you are. The other suckers are just motha-fuckers who couldnt get on the design team at Kinkos.


There are some really crappy parts in this. When he’s sitting on the bench, they did a very poor job compositing him in. There is also a very rough edit when he walks behind the pole. If you scroll through it frame-by-frame, you can see the poor job they did in lining up the footage.

I mean, it’s not horrible. But it’s not professional. Many elements seem very amateur.


i know there was a lot of hand-drawn stuff in the boards for this; i’m sure the agency just wanted another M$ spot.

i don’t think the final project was as nice as it could have been, but the 3d animation was really well done, despite the (IMO) overuse of AO.

they definitely seem to be having a hard time finding good rotoers though.


Realy, does it matter if theres some sloppy masking, so long as the overall piece looks good? Which I think it does, and I’m sure he client thinks it does, and I’m sure the public will as well.

And as far as that part with the pole with disconected leg, I’m almost positive that was intentional… The bombay saphire spot did that kind of thing all the time (and you cant deny the similarity with the styles). Also, he kicks that pole because its the arm on the turntable… watch it again, i didnt see it the first time eather.


samiam et al… if you ever read this thread again:

if you look around justin’s site you’ll notice a peculiar trend: outsanding work is recognized as such, and mediocre work is open to criticism. responding to criticism by saying the critic is a jealous looser is kind of silly.

there is bullshit criticism on this site to be sure *cough* tha-don *cough*… but flatly rejecting all criticism guaruntees you a career of mediocrity.


And you see it when it’s intentional and when not. Unfortunately this is a great example of sloppy roto & comp work.

I think though people’s reactions are mostly based on the fact that this concept & animation style is a ripoff of the motiontheory reebook spot. And the way banks talks in the press release about it as if it was original and a part of him. Blah, blah.

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